Antiques, Collectibles, Household, Tools & More!
April 14, 2018       9:00 a.m.  Early Bird - 8:45 A.M.
Uehling  Auditorium, Uehling, NE   

Leo & Loraine Hooks Estate, Owners


Wood 7 Up Crate

Hillside Pint Milk Jars

Fruit Baskets

(2) Cream Cans

Prarciscan Serving Dishes & Cups & Plates (12)

Milk Glass

Head Vases

Amber Glass

Goldleaf Glasses

Wildlife Bird Glasses


Hall’s Dishes

Serving Trays

Copper Bowl

(2) Manual Typewriters

Brass Angel Candleholder

Cattail Serving Bowls

Spice Set

Hafgar Planters

Sandy & Jane Planters

Wood Utensils

(2) Hoosier Cabinet’s

1971-72 Nebraska National Champ Glasses

     (5 Sets of 4)

1964 49ers/Browns Program


Sea Shells


Jewelry Boxes

Ladies Gloves

Nail kegs

Road Maps

Maddux of California #109 Planter

Ruckel’s Pottery Crock – Blue 1 gal.

(2) Ruckel’s 3 gal. Crocks

Redwing 4 gal. Crock w/Handle

Washboards – 1 Champion, 1 Standard

Iron Skillets

Enamel Pots, Pans, Coffee Pot

Leather Cowboy Hat

Ladies & Mens Hats

6 Section Locker

2 Wheel Lawn Cart


Advertising Pieces – Holmquist GR & Lumber


Sad Iron

Cast Iron Fry Pan

Waffle Iron

Emerson Electric Fan

Pressure Cookers

Copper Bird Baths

Wash Tub

Schwinn Ladies Bike

Glass Bowls

Nut Cracker Figurines

Royal Copenhagen bowl

Holland Teapot, Cups & Saucers

Wooden Clothes Pins

Cake Plate

Numerous Cameras & Equipment

Roseville Bowl, Hanging Pot & Serving Tray

Roseville 12 2-8 Vase


Frankoma Dish