Antiques, Collectibles, Household, Tools & More!
January 27, 2018       10:00 a.m.
Hooper Auditorium, Hooper, NE    



Winston Pocket Protector

Patterson Dairy Foods Pocket Protector

    Omaha, Nebraska

Ladies Veils, Nancy Lee White Collars

Black Fur Coat

Belt Buckles

Pocket Knives

Dolly Madison Cake Box

Paragon Coconut Tins

Rug Beaters

Pepsi Sign


Coaster Wagon

Fairmont Wood Crate

Hair Pins, Chest Pins

Cuff Links, Tie Clasps

Bow Ties & Western Ties


Pad Locks

Antique Fan

Skeleton Keys

Curtain Pins

Hat Feathers


Comic Books

Inlay Puzzles to include:  United States Pre Alaska & Hawaii, Boy Fishing w/Dog, Space Cadet Tom Corbet, Davy Crockett

Hubley Telephone Truck

Cross Country Freight Truck & Trailer

Metal Milk Truck

Marx Toy Rifle Plastic

Boom a Rang

Pistol Cap Gun

Wooden High Chairs

Cha E Bishop Oil Picture

45 Records

Cowboy Picture by Remington (Reprint)

Wood Carving of Horse and Indian

Elephant Book Ends, Ashtray 

Wooden Canes

Mastercrafters Wall Clock

6” Acrylic Sleigh w/Reindeer

Bushel Baskets, Egg Baskets

Floor Lamps

Ash Trays, Razors

Sun Valley Lamp,

Color Slide Projector (Montgomery Ward)

PBR Bar Light, Schlitz Bar Signs

John Wayne Pictures

Wooden Folding Chairs

Large Black Crock Bowl

Silhouette Music Box

Dresser Set, Library Table

Coca Cola Christmas Glasses

Tall Wood Corner Shelf

Dressing Table

Oblong Small Table

Wooden Straight Chair

Childs School Desk & Chair

Accent Square Oak Table

Teapot Collection

Army Duffle Bag

Joe Stecher Scissorhold Watch Fob

Numerous Glass Pieces  to Include:  Vaseline Glass, Diane Pattern Cambridge, Fenton Glass, Fostoria, Amber Glass, Heisey, Nippon,

Corelle, Wedgewood, Homer Laughlin Plates

Shawnee Bowls, Refrigerator Dishes

Hen on Nest, Fiesta Ware Bowls

Chicken Platter, West German Vase

Fire King

Pink Depression

Juice Glasses

Wash Tub


Enamel Coffee Pots

Enamel Ware

Paragon Coconut 5 Gal. Tins

Fairmount Food Wood Box

Maytag Wringer Washer

Lyon Fish Co. Jar

Pheasant Pipe

Elgin Pocket Watches

China Sets

ACME Thunder Whistle

1996 Rowing Commemorative Medallion

Assorted Ladies Hats

Darning Supplies, Quilting Pieces

Silk Scarves, Numerous Doilies

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Children Brush/Socks

Blue Mason Jars w/ Zinc lids

Sausage Stuffer

White Sewing Machine & Cabinet